The Best Point of Sales Software in Canada

Sales Software in Canada

The Best Point of Sales Software in Canada

There are literally hundreds of point of sales software solutions out there. Of course, not all of them deserve your attention because some of them are much better than the others. If you are a Canadian business owner, you should probably stick to the most used and most popular POS software options in Canada. In order to save you some time (and probably some money too), we have created this list of the best point of sales software in Canada.

Lightspeed Retail

The first option you have is Lightspeed Retail. It represents a POS software solution that relies on cloud technology. Those involved in the home décor, sporting goods, pet, jewelry, bike, footwear and apparel industry will find this software very useful. With its help, you can also manage inventory and track sales. This is also a very inexpensive solution. It works on Windows and iOS platforms.


AmberPOS was created by Pacific Amber Technologies. This is a point of sale software that has helped hundreds of small and midsized businesses across Canada. Besides the POS functionality, this solution can also provide inventory management and customer relationship management options. Keep in mind that this software works only on Windows. The price is not the lowest we’ve seen, but it’s probably worth the money.

Rain POS

Rain POS is another POS software solution that relies on cloud technology. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, Rain POS is more than software – it represents a platform focused on small and midsized companies. It’s ideal for businesses that offer repairs, classes, events, and sales. This software also has a multi-store capability which means that you can use it to sync more than one store.

Bindo POS

Another cloud-based POS software option for Canadian retailers that provides customer management, inventory management, and even eCommerce solutions. You can easily integrate Bindo POS with online marketplaces and allow customers to buy things directly from your in-store inventory. Bindo POS works on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

ACE Retail

This short list ends with ACE Retail software. One of the most important features of this solution is its support for wholesale and retail sales. It can also help you with inventory and purchasing, reporting, invoicing, loyalty programs, and customer management. Keep in mind that ACE Retail is designed for Windows users and that this software is used primarily by small businesses.

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