Point of Sales Software in Canada – A Basic Guide

Point of Sales Software in Canada

Point of Sales Software in Canada – A Basic Guide

If you take a closer look at the market, you will notice that there are many different options for those looking for a point of sales software in Canada. For instance, you can select software that can be installed on a computer or choose cloud-based POS software options. We will use this blog post to highlight some of the most popular POS software solutions in Canada today. This simple guide should help you make the right choice.


This is one of the most used POS systems created for iPad users. Business owners use it to handle sales, inventory, and customers too. This is a very flexible application that is highly customizable. This solution is compatible with various pieces of equipment and systems like barcode scanners, cash drawers, and receipt printers. You can use it on PC, Android, Mac, and iPads. Keep in mind that Vend works offline and it’s scalable and configurable.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud you can take care of order management, digital commerce, and few other things. Every business can rely on this application when they want to streamline their activities starting with the purchase and ending with the post-sale activities. Salesforce Commerce Cloud represents integrated software that includes useful functions for business operations. The best thing is that this POS software is upgraded and updated all the time.


Now here’s an example of POS software that is designed with the needs of eCommerce websites in mind. Skubana is software with a great design that provides every helpful feature you can expect from a modern POS software solution. Thanks to the business intelligence feature, business owners can make sound business decisions.


Booker is not only a POS software solution but also an effective business management application. It’s no surprise why hundreds of Canadians use Booker. This application allows you to process credit cards, cash, credit accounts, checks and other types of payments. It also helps you manage your calendar and customer profiles.


iReap is one of the best options for small and midsized retail stores in Canada. You can use it to centralize crucial tasks like inventory management, accepting different types of payment, storing and updating customer information, managing orders and more. Don’t forget that this application comes with a Lite version which is completely free. So, you can try this software before you actually invest money in it.

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