The Best Point of Sales Software in Canada: How to Make the Right Choice

Looking for the best Point of Sales software in Canada? Look no further and read this article! Discover the best options on the market and how to make the right choice!

Every business, regardless of the industry or niche it is, need POS solutions that help manage inventory, provide reporting, and process transactions. When it comes to choosing the best Point of Sales software in Canada, what are your options?

Before we present you the best Canadian POS solutions, let’s see what a POS system is exactly. Well, a POS or Point of Sales system help manage the transaction between sellers and buyers and generally support physical and not online businesses. It is more than just a simpler credit card terminal or cash register. The POS systems consist of different combinations of hardware, software, and services to keep track of everything from prices, items, taxes, discounts, sales date and time, payments, and etc. These systems can also handle voided and return transactions and there are some Point of Sale software systems that will support retailed needs such as accounting reports, inventory management, sales, and much more.

In Canada, there are a few options that you may take into consideration:

Cloud-Based Services: These POS solutions are really popular because they are affordable, easy to use, and offer predictable pricing. This is the least expensive option, however, they are limited in terms of features. The cloud-based POS solutions offer integrations with social media promotion, multiple storefronts, and support for mobile devices. Some of the best cloud-based POS solutions in Canada are Cashier Live (the price is $20 per month for one store, 3 registrars, and unlimited users), ZingCheckout (a simple POS solution with a free version), and Posterita (a newer POS system that can be used free of charge).

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All-Around POS Choices: These POS systems are not specialized for nonprofit organizations, however, they have great features you may use. Some of the best options you may use are Intuit QuickBooks POS (a very popular choice which provides a great user interface that makes it one of the easiest systems to use, it integrates with QuickBooks products, and supports inventory management with alert options to signal when the inventory is low), and Microsoft Dynamics POS (this POS system is designed to support transaction information and the features are for a single storefront).

Open-Source POS Systems: There are lots of open-source system solutions that may be suitable for nonprofit organizations if they have a powerful technology development staff because a customization will be surely needed to support a unique Point of Sale process. OpenBravo is one of the best options on the market, when it comes to open-source Point of Sale software systems. This is a well-adapted and mature ERP software.

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Now that you are familiar with the options available, it is time to make the right choice. So, how to choose the right Point of Sale solution? 

When choosing a POS system, it is really important to take a closer look at the POS process and identify what you expect from the system. You need to come up with a specific plan that will help you understand the goals for your new system, have the budget to invest in implementation, support, and training. You need to determine what you will need, when it comes to purchasing orders, customer receipts, reporting, sales, inventory reports, and etc. and make sure the POS solution is good enough to support all of the things you need.

So, are you ready now to choose the best Point of Sales software in Canada? Good luck!


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